Is The Best G87 BMW M2 A Modified One?

You could argue that BMW are singlehandedly keeping the OEM aftermarket alive and kicking at the moment.

Especially when it comes to German cars, at least, and it’s been the case for a few years now. Ever since the F82 M4’s debut in 2014, aftermarket tuners around the world have been getting their hands on BMW’s finest M offerings and getting stuck in at the deep end.

IND G87-36

The grand move over to turbocharging changed the tone (quite literally) of how accessible tinkering with engines like the 3.0L twin-turbo S55 and S58 really is. You’d naturally assume I’m referring to just software here, with the classic ‘pops and bangs’ tune being the biggest culprit of these assumptions. But the hardware support needed to really bring these cars alive is arguably the core of what we’re here to cover.

IND G87 SH-6

The new G87 M2 is a car that needs no introduction, as it landed into the market with a divisive bang so loud you could hear it echo across the time space continuum. But the forward-thinking design language just brings new opportunities for our aftermarket friends to show us what they’re capable of doing with the newest baby M car.

IND G87 SH-30
IND G87 SH-33

As it turns out, the opportunities were of astronomical proportions, and iND Distribution are first off the mark to show us how to make the most of them.

IND G87 SH-38

If the standard G87 broke time and space, iND’s modified G87 has gone about picking up all the pieces and zipping them together.

IND G87 SH-17
IND G87 SH-31

When it comes to the Alpha-N-based aero package, I can’t quite make up my mind whether it’s edging more into Italian Group B rally Lancia styling or Japanese ’90s street car tuner’s, but it’s a marriage of the two that seems awfully at home on the stubby German sports car.

IND G87 SH-24

Paired with a KW Suspensions coilover drop and 20-inch BBS E89 wheels, this M2 has been totally transformed from the way it left the BMW factory.

IND G87 SH-23

It’s not all visuals, though. As mentioned, the engine hardware needed to bring something like this to fruition is pivotal, and iND knows that well.

IND G87 SH-18
IND G87-23

There’s a full spec list at the bottom of the page for you to dig through to really get a gist of what’s involved, but some of the highlights of the iND M2’s S58 engine upgrades include a CSF Charge-Air Cooler Manifold, CSF G8X Heat Exchanger and CSF Engine Oil Cooler, plus an Eventuri Black Carbon intake and an Eisenmann Black Series performance exhaust system.

IND G87 SH-10

Whilst catching up with Ryan Overby from iND, I got to pick his brains about the company’s relationship with the chassis. “After our amazing experience with both the first ever N55-powered M2 as well as the S55-powered Competition model, we didn’t want to pass up on the opportunity to pick up what has become BMW’s most unadulterated M car,” he explained.

IND G87 SH-15

Ryan went on to make a very good point about the G87 which I’ve not thought about much either: “The G87 also looks to be the last M car you’ll be able to purchase with a manual transmission.”

IND G87 SH-7

“With the M2’s more accessible price point when compared to its bigger siblings, it’s allowed for a larger owners’ pool with more diverse tastes. So as it did for the previous generation F87, the aftermarket is already responding with a great deal of support for the platform; something we only expect to expand in the years to follow.”

IND G87 SH-37

“We [iND] decided fairly early on that the plans for our G87 M2 would follow in the footsteps of our F87 M2 build; an aggressive exercise in form following function.”

IND G87 SH-8

The Gelbgrün F87 M2 that iND previously built holds a special place in the hearts of the team, so naturally with the G87 they wanted to push the car even further in their chosen direction. “While we take pride in cosmetic upgrades to put a stamp of individuality on our cars, our primary focus for the G87 has been functional upgrades to create a car that is as rewarding to drive on the race track as it is on the street,” says Ryan.

IND G87 SH-35

From the looks of these photos – and the extensive spec list – I think iND have well and truly met their initial design and product focus with their G87 M2. The result is a comprehensive, usable and impressively stunning variant of BMW’s latest. It almost makes you wonder, if this M2 can look so bloody good, why didn’t BMW care to do this themselves from factory?

IND G87 SH-28
IND G87 SH-34

Well, I guess in having us ask these questions, iND Distribution have also given the world a very, very clear answer to the original one I posed in the title of this post. Yes.

Michał Fidowicz
Instagram: candyshowroom

Photography by Darrien Craven
Instagram: _crvn_

iND Distribution’s G87 BMW M2

Engine: BMW S58 3.0L twin-turbo straight six, CSF billet Charge-Air Cooler Manifold, CSF G8X Heat Exchanger, CSF Engine Oil Cooler, Eventuri (S58) black carbon intake system, Eisenmann Black Series non-resonated center pipes, Eisenmann Black Series performance exhaust system with carbon tips, Eventuri (S58) black carbon engine cover, Fall-Line Motorsports (S58) oil cooler guard, Future Classic (S58) oil filter housing cap, Goldenwrench Supply Blackline engine cover cap set, Goldenwrench Supply Blackline washer fluid cap, Indiv matte dry carbon cooling shroud, Indiv matte dry carbon ECU cover, Carbahn (S58) Performance Controller

Driveline: BMW 6-speed manual transmission, Rogue Engineering Octane short shifter, Rogue Engineering G8X shifter carrier rear bushing mount

Suspension & Brakes: KW Suspensions V4 Clubsport coilovers + EDC cancellation, Karbonius G8X CSL carbon strut brace, Fall-Line Motorsports aluminum strut brace with ARP hardware, Fall-Line Motorsports front monoball conversion, Fall-Line Motorsports rear lower tension arm set, Fall-Line Motorsports adjustable toe arm set (race), Fall-Line Motorsports rear camber shim kit, Fall-Line Motorsports rear upper control arm bearing set, Fall-Line Motorsports rear lower control arm cup subframe bearing set, Fall-Line Motorsports rear lower control arm outer bearing set, RKP G8X Performance brake pads, Goodridge G8X stainless brake lines, Alpha-N carbon brake backing plates

Wheels: 20-inch BBS  E89 Motorsport wheels, Future Classic M14 titanium stud conversion

Exterior: Alpha-N carbon vented hood with carbon vent, Alpha-N carbon front grille, Alpha-N Class 3 carbon adjustable front lip & splitter, Alpha-N V4 carbon vented fenders with blades, Alpha-N vented fender liner adaptor set, Alpha-N Carbon Class 3 fixed rear wing, Alpha-N carbon rear diffuser, Alpha-N carbon rear underbody floor kit, MHC carbon side skirts, Motorsport+ G8X CSL yellow DRL conversion, RKP G8X enhanced clearance fender liner set, iND Ultimate license plate kit, iND painted front reflectors, iND painted rear reflectors, iND painted trunk emblem, iND painted front bumper center trim, BMW Euro-spec aspherical mirror glass, BMW M Performance carbon mirror caps, BMW M Performance carbon fuel cap cover, Zandvoort Blue paint

Interior: BMW Motorsport MotoGP roll bar with custom GT3 gussets, black Vernasca leather with M tri-color, BMW M4 CSL carbon fiber bucket seats, BMW M4 CSL Alcantara-trimmed steering wheel with paddle delete, BMW Euro-spec sun visor set, BMW G8X fire extinguisher kit, Studie BMW iDrive8 multifunction screen protector, BMW M 50 Year Heritage LED door projector light kit

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